The Redesign

1 minute read

Must … resist … redesigning … website …

Could I resist? Could I heckers, like.

Now all I need is something to keep the site fresh in between my infrequent trip updates, and what better than a weekly ‘webdiary’? I know that some people believe that they are just a waste of the web, but if nobody likes it, nobody reads it, hey? Now I just have to get into the habit of changing it every week…

Almost everything is new! You will have to hang on for the next week or so, while I ‘pretty-up’ the redesigned site (adding a couple of funky graphics, etc.) and add more content where it is needed. You will also find that the only trip page that has been updated is the Melbourne section (I am working on the others, slowly but surely).

Hopefully you will understand that a half-finished site is better than the old one, I just couldn’t wait any longer… Just remember that you sneaked in here early, and no-one is meant to see it yet!