More photos, bye George

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I think I am getting to like jotting down my thoughts on this page – let’s just hope that nobody is actually reading them and that you are just looking for the photos…

Photos! That’s what you have come for then – well, go to the A Little Wander section, where you will find not one, but five new pages of photos to enjoy. I must admit though, that there are only five because I am trying to keep the pages shorter so that they load quicker for you all. Aren’t I nice. There are even some pictures of George on there!


I knew that I would miss you, and I do – but it is getting worse as each day passes.

This is surely not the way it is meant to work?

Time will only tell how mad I go. She stayed on for another day after everybody else had left for Adelaide so we spent a lazy, relaxing day wandering around St. Kilda (and we even managed to cross something off her list – a walk up the pier) before I went to the bus station to see her off.

Thank you George, I will never, never forget…

On to happier things – I am now 24! I was just thinking the other day about when I was little, and imagining what my life would be like on my birthday in the year 2000, back when it seemed like the turn of the century would matter. I can tell you now, my life is nothing like the thoughts I was having then. It is strange how things develop – and next week I am going to write a retrospective of the last 24 years, so that the people who have only known me for certain parts of my time can work out where I have come from. Let’s just hope I can remember it, now that I am old and everything!

I got some lovely cards, including ones from my Grandma and my sister, which made me feel really guilty because I haven’t written to them for so long.

I am sorry.

Last weekend was also the Grand Prix – a weekend of glorious weather and a car race. Not a bad combination, although the highlight was something that I didn’t even know about – Daley Thompson driving in the Celebrity Car Race! I thought he must have retired from the human race after last hearing about him whilst playing ‘Daley Thompsons Decathlon’ on my ZX Spectrum in the early Eighties.

Well it cheered me up, anyway.

How was the Beach? ‘Not bad’ is the result of my expert review.

So now I am off home for the weekend, to wallow in my own self pity.

Hopefully my mood will improve for next week…