My poor memory

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One of my favourite lines from last years comedy festival was the guy who came on and started talking about his journey to Australia, and ending the section with:

“So I arrive in Australia, finding that I am ten hours ahead, but five years behind…”

And if I hear “Blue (da ba dee)” by Eiffel 65 on the Saturday morning chart show anymore, I am just going to have to start agreeing with the comic.

I hate Eiffel 65.

And anything to do with that stupid blue alien.

OK, rant over, nothing more to see…

change of season…

Melbourne had it’s first winter-type day last Tuesday, so I am not getting a little fearful for my tan. Thankfully it was a short cold spell, and we are now back to the lovely weather, but it was enough to put the fear of God into me. I think that this means I am acclimatising, because it wasn’t really all that cold (for England, anyway), but it was horrible.

Time to go up north again?

movie news

Any film whose trailer includes the following dialog (probably paraphrased aplenty):

“I meet this girl, we go swimming, and I turn into a seal?”

just has to be good. Selkie (a made for TV kid’s movie?) has got to be my tip for the movie of 2000.

Two thumbs up!

new project?

One of the emails that I had over the birthday period was from Jonathan, who casually remarked, “was your day better than your 12th birthday when we went to see Roger Rabbit?”, which really got me thinking…

Why do people remember more about my life than I do?

So now is the time to do something about it.

On the Jimmyfunk page I will started a section (on Monday – see below), provisionally called theJimmyology (I am hoping that in the future, there will be a degree devoted to the study of me), where I will start to flesh out my life in chronological order, and everyone who has participated in my life, at any time, is welcome to add bits to it – stories, recollections, anything.

So come on guys, anytime that you think of something that we did, and it isn’t already on the list (or is even a different viewpoint), send it in!

I have a feeling that this could be very, very cool

me, me, me…

Well, I finally have new glasses, after the last pair were ruined in a fit of passion (email me for the story…), and very happy I am to be back in the world of two-armed spectacles. So, funky new glasses, new hair, almost-new wardrobe – the metamorphosis of jimmy is continuing apace.

I just hope it’s worth it.

This week will be my last Friday update, simply because I can’t cope with staying back just before the weekend begins – so, from next week, look out for the update on Monday, which will make me just that little bit happier. And that is all that counts.

(p.s. I hope you all realise that this week I haven’t mentioned George once in my ‘diary’.)


i am doing what?

Listening: Back to Mine with Groove Armada (funky!)

Radio: Kiss90 FM (down, with the kids)

Book: Speaking in Tongues, Jeffery Deaver (scary!)

TV: Just Shoot Me (funny!)

Riding: Trams (you gotta love ‘em)