Internet woes

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There must be a reason for this…

Now that I have resolved to do updating on a Monday, my internet connection at work refuses to connect to half the sites that are ‘over the pond’ – and one of those would appear to be mine.


So I will keep this one short (as no-one will get to read it anyway), and move my weekly updates to whatever day I finally get access to my ftp server.

This means I can go home early today!

the project…

First entry in theJimmyology goes to Jonathan, who has written about the time he turned all sadistic one day at school. I have never forgiven him…

Send me more!

i am doing what?

Listening: Michael Jackson, Off The Wall (won’t stop ‘til I’ve had enough…)

Radio: Radio 1 (on the internet?)

Book: Sleepers, Lorenzo Carcaterra (can people really be this cruel?)

TV: Just Shoot Me (still!)

Walking: In the Dandenongs