Eddie Izzard, live

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And five days later … I stop.

Hope you all had a great Easter break – here, in Australia, we managed to get a straight five days off (Good Friday, Easter Monday and ANZAC Day on Tuesday), which was a much nicer feeling than I thought it would be.

Lisa (an old friend from my BUNAC days) came down from Sydney to visit Melbourne and beatiful, autumnal Victoria. Highlights? Eddie Izzard in his Comedy Festival show, which was everything I hoped it would be – strange, random, witty, insightful but more than anything, funny – which I reckon is just about all you need for a comedy show. I had been prepared for a three hour marathon, after reading some early reviews, but just over two hours of gun-toting monkeys, piano-playing Dinosaurs and other random scenarios kept me laughing until I fell asleep, tucked up in bed.

And Lisa, an Eddie-virgin, liked it too!

We also hired a car for a two day whirlwind tour of the best of Victoria, taking in the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians – I will write something more about this on Friday.

And, yes, there will be photos, eventually!

But now, after a five day break, all I can think about is going home again after a day at work. My horoscope says that this will be a terrible week, with today being the best.


Good to be back though – more to come, very soon…