Music of my week

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Content? You want content?

Well, I have just recently uploaded anold project, The Institute of Human Recalibration that I worked on a long time ago with Paul, back in Oxford. By putting it up here, it will hopefully make me/us work on it, because it is looking kinda plain and flat at the moment. You are all welcome to submit photos for us to play with.

That new Kylie record? (see yesterday) Well, it’s written by Paula Abdul, and boy did I have a Paula Abdul phase back in my teens. It is strange how certain artists bring back certain memories, and Paula Abdul will always remind me of a school trip we made to Strasbourg when we were in secondary school – Halcyon days – and I can’t believe that there haven’t been any stories submitted about that time to the jimmyology. I am sure that they will come, though.

Oh yeah, that mmmm comment about Estonia’s entry to the Eurovision should be read with a Homer Simpson voice, as in mmmmm, donuts – but in this case, substitute donuts for ‘lead singer’ (mmmmm, lead singer!).

The new Madison Avenue single (here in Australia, anyway) is another example of pure genius. Gotta love ‘em.