It’s oh so cold

1 minute read

it wasn’t meant to be like this?

OK, I admit it. Melbourne is now, officially, cold. I saw my breath this morning on the walk to the tram, and there is a forecast for hail this weekend.

Better wrap up warm, kids…

i love my mac…

OK, so it might appear smug and nerdy, but this mac version of the ILoveYou virus (currently doing the email rounds) just made me laugh..

Subject: ILOVEYOU for Macintosh only

Congratulations !!!!!

You now have the ILOVEYOU virus for Macintosh !

This virus works on the honour system.

You will have to do the following:-

1. Randomly delete some of the
files in your System Folder
2. Forward this email to other Mac users

Have a nice day
(and don’t smirk too much at your PC using friends…)