Tight-arse Tuesday

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narrowed down the email problem – an answer soon…?

so – where have you been then?

Wow. Where do I begin? Last tuesday was my last day at work for a few days – I had wednesday, thursday and friday off as holidays, and monday was a public holiday (for the Queen’s birthday, God Bless her), so I had a nice mini-break.

Neil was down for his last week in Oz before flying home via Bangkok (for the clothes and not the ladyboys, apparently), and George was arriving back on the wednesday morning to spend a couple of months in Melbourne to earn some cash – and see me, of course.

yeah, but what did you do?

Well, tuesday was cinema night (tight-arse tuesday, as it’s known down here), so we went to see M:I-2, which was kind of enjoyable, fun and a bit of a blast, but not all that memorable…

Then I had to get up early on wednesday to meet George at the bus station – at 7:15 in the morning! My dedication sometimes amazes me. And, surprisingly, she was there, and so is now here. I guess by that I mean that I never thought it was actually going to come about. But it has. Happy? Absolutely.

Thursday George was really ill (surprise!), and so Neil and I attempted to amuse ourselves – first by hiring a Playstation (but it didn’t have the right connections), then by trying to play tennis (but the courts had closed down for the winter), and then by going to an internet cafe (but I couldn’t check my mail or update the site). So that was all a bit disappointing. And the weather was poo. In the evening I met two of the girls (Jen and Michelle) that Neil had met whilst travelling down the East Coast, and had to somehow get three drunken people back to my place to sleep it off (or not, as the case might have been, eh?).

Friday we (that’s me, George, Neil, Jen and Michelle) went to Colonial Stadium to see an Aussie Rules game, specifically the Kangaroos against the Brisbane Lions. The only good AFL games are those which are close, and by the the end, this one was a blockbuster (but no, I can’t remember the score). And the roof was closed, which kept us warm, woohoo!

And Saturday, Sunday and Monday? Well, you will have to wait until tomorrow for that lot…