Things you do for love

1 minute read

it’s all her fault

George meets me after work. I have to scan in all her photographs, and help with her group email. Now I am hungry, so I am going to go home and write the rest on a piece of paper to add on Monday morning. So you will all just have to wait.

but i want some news

OK. Yesterday I did something that should have gone in the Guiness Book of Records (well, my own personal copy, anyway). I can tell you it was between me and George. But I can’t tell you what it is. Work it out…

and where’s your counter gone?

OK, here’s the story. I ‘reorganised’ my server, just before the count hit 1000. This reset the counter. Arse. The little logo at the bottom is my new counter, but you can’t see the numbers. Remember, it’s not quantity that counts, but quality.