The Card’s In The Post

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money, money, money

Today I paid my first ever parking ticket. Poo. The car park we were using was a ticketed zone until midnight – but surely they don’t have inspectors out that late? Yep, they did, just before 11:00 pm they had someone go around the car park and get all those fools who 1) don’t read the sign properly, or 2) reckon that no inspectors will be out that late.

Caught on both counts – here’s your fifty dollars, sir…

scary things?

Apparently some were scared about the last post mentioning the marriage rhyme (you know, something something something blue, something borrowed, new, something … or something). But don’t be afraid, I am still ringless and will be for a long, long time (see mum, I told you I would never get married!).

and bob

I have put your pressie and card in the post – and it is a present of pure genius, even if I do say so myself. Hope it gets there in time!