The Perfect Storm

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movie review

Went to see The Perfect Storm with George yesterday, and a mighty fine film it was – a bit of a slow start, but when the action started it was all quite gripping. The special effects were fantastic, and apart from a bit of parmesan (cheese), the end of the film was a complete surprise. But I won’t tell you what it is, of course.

Overall: two thumbs up. 

[and now I am working on a film of my own – The Perfect Tram Crash – where three of Melbourne’s trams (the 96, the 12 and the 109) all come together at the Casino junction. Now, Mr Clooney, are you going to accept this challenge or not? (Neil – I am going to get the Tram Driver with the brimmed hat as the star, you know, ‘Wright St., Wright St., depart here for the Sports & Aquatic Centre, Golf Driving Range’, etc!)]

more evidence of my genius

Thanks, mum! So this is why you called me James then?