Many days old

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I am 8,295 days old.

With lovely parents

Recently received email from mum:

Seeing as how we are now on the move … we are now going to start sorting things out and boxing
stuff up. Which brings me on to the problem of ‘WHAT ARE WE TO DO WITH YOURS!!!!’

We still have half a wardrobe and a black bag of your clothes plus various boxes of papers/books/etc. etc. I’m not saying we’ll have to dump them now but can you give me any sort of idea of what you want saving or not.

Mum – you can throw away nothing (apart from the mouldy old pants [english], of course). Jeez, leave the country for a couple of years, and see what happens…

who is

Very tired. Standing in a taxi queue at 7:00am on a Sunday morning is not a happy experience – more tomorrow…