Getting Older

1 minute read

object of (foolish) desire

Just seen a scooter for $79 (that’s about 32 pounds, citizens of the mother country…), and, despite all the warnings, I still want one.

I can feel a rash, almost-impulse purchase coming on…

conversations with my mother

Talking to my mum this weekend just about my life in general, what I am doing, things like that, and she says, “Well, you are getting old you know…”.

And I just kind of left that comment hanging – well, I suppose because I am getting older, but I sure don’t feel the urge to do anything yet (that’s me, eternally young-at-heart). But it sure did get me thinking / pondering.

And then, in my horoscope this morning, it says: “Disregard pressure from family members – do things at your own pace.” And it’s not that I put a whole lot of stock into these things, but that was a bit spooky, dontcha’ think?

residency update!

We finally got through to ‘the man’ at immigration, and he has referred our answers on up to another governmental department. He/we/I can expect to hear from them in two to five weeks.

Looks like I have another limbo period setting in…