Trouble Ahead

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a tale of two weekends (pt. 1)

  1. Lose glasses (AU$450 to replace)

  2. Discover credit card refused. This means problems.

    More to come (at eleven). (AU$ probably thousands)

  3. Sickness and tummy-trouble mean that I had to have a sick day on Monday.

This was not the greatest ever (and I guess I am not going to be buying a scooter any time soon). Especially when compared to part two, which will come tomorrow…

in more exciting news

I am going to New Zealand for a week at the end of September. Woohoo! I get to see George, I get to see friends that I haven’t kept in touch with nearly as much as I should, I get to see the land of the Great White Cloud (or something like that) and I get a holiday…

I am soooo excited!

and my thoughts on the Olympics

Only a couple so far:

  1. The guy from Equatorial Guinea, who had never swum more than 50m in his life and wins his heat in the most amusing manner, is my hero so far.

  2. Pieter van den Hoogenband has the best name in this year’s Olympic competition by far, especially when read by Aussie commentators.

That is all, for now…