december 3rd

2 minute read

I planned to be up early, but my having slipped into holiday mode, my brain refused to wake up. Today was Hanauma Bay – renowned for the finest snorkeling in an inshore coral reef. First, thanks to George, I manage to find some cheap lunch to take with me to the beach, and then wait for the bus. And wait for the bus. And wait.

When I finally arrived at the bay I was rewarded by a picture-perfect view of a circular bay, fringed by palm trees with the reef easily visible. And you know how much I like palm trees…

There were quite a few people on the beach by the time I got there, so I made a space for myself by taking off my t-shirt. I couldn’t bear to go into the water straight away (it looked far too cold), so I ate my lunch and sunbathed. When I made it into the water, I was amazed to see the fish – so many of them, and so near to the shore. Until they were chased away by the little kids, that is.




Snorkelled – but this time, for added excitement, I got up close to the reef, with the intention of going past it (apparently the fish were even better over there), but just managed to slash my hands on the coral when the currents dragged me this way and that.

So, with my cut hand, I went back to sunbathe – being this close to finishing my book, I decide to finish it off, so I don’t have to carry it around anymore. This means that I am in the sun for much longer than I should have been, and burn my front to a crisp, to match what I did to my back just a couple of days ago.

Back in the hostel I have a stinging shower, and decide to eat pizza. But, horror of horrors, I couldn’t find Hawaiian pizza. In Hawaii!

In the hostel room, Matsumoto, my Japanese room-mate tells me that they put the skin that is inside an eggshell over cuts to help them heal. Thinking that this can’t do any damage, we get some of the skin and put it over my coral cut.

My hand is still here…