december 10th

2 minute read

[aside: for some reason, my brain won’t accept that it is december, and keeps typing november for me. hmmm, spooky…]

Anyway, I am now in Toronto! Vancouver was really, really good and just what I needed to get me out of the funk that I seemed to have been in for months. Duncan and Moselle (two of my uni housemates) now reside in Vancouver, and so were the perfect stopover for me as I make my way back home – I hadn’t seen them for over two years, and I hadn’t seen Vancouver for more than five years.

Duncan met me at the airport, and quickly convinced me that a limo was the best way to get back to his place (which is in downtown Vancouver) and, apart from the lack of copious amounts of alcohol and scantily-clad women, it was pretty cool. I got to stretch my legs out, anyway! As you can see from the earlier posts, it was pretty cold too (and yes, George, I might have seen my breath in Melbourne some days…) and quite a shock to the system after Hawaii and the beginnings of summer in Melbourne. It was all I seemed to be able to talk about for a while (sorry, Duncan!) – but hey, I’m English, and that’s what we do, goddamit.

I spent most of the time just catching up, relaxing and eating food (albeit very slowly), but it was good to be in a place that felt christmassy for the first time in years – everyone walking around with rosy cheeks, and christmas lights on houses and apartments absolutely everywhere! We spent my last night picking out a christmas tree, decorating it, and then seeing the Bright Lights display and miniature train in Stanley Park, which was really cool.

I have some photos from Stanley Park, but you will have to wait just a little while for me to write the words…

So all that, meeting Mo’s mum and her friends, seeing Unbreakable (two thumbs up!) and buying myself a little christmas present all made for a great few days. Thanks, guys!