and so, i’m back

1 minute read

And, it is not as bad as I was dreading. Mum and Dad were there to meet me at the airport, and I have just been slowly settling back into life in the U.K.

There have been some benefits. Portchester seems surprisingly warm (although my trip back up to Sheffield will bring a chill to my bones I am sure), and there are lots of nice things I had forgotten. These are mainly chocolates and sweets / lollies though (with drumstick lollipops and jaffa cakes being the initial surprises).

One thing that was really strange is the complete ‘dourness’ of shop assistants over here. I used to really hate having people saying hello to me in shops (in both Australia and North America), but now I really miss it and have this strange compulsion to say hi to the shop assistants. This was compounded by the ‘yesterday I was in Times Square, and now I am in Fareham Shopping Centre’ freakiness though…

But christmas is fast approaching. I get to see George for a little while (she is driving down to see me, yay!), and my sister arrives on Saturday. After that I have a big New Years Eve coming together up in Sheffield, and then I get to do another Jimmy-tour, this time of the U.K.

So things are not as bad as I expected, now I just have to work out what to do next. Suggestions are welcome…