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Boxing day was difficult. Mum, dad and myself went into Southampton (I must confess that this was my idea) to have a look around the city – and, maybe, spend some of my christmas cash.

But the winds had started to turn – previously it had been deceivingly mild – and the dour ‘greyness’ of the english winter reared it’s ugly head. Only two or three shops were open, giving the place a windswept empty feeling, and the shops that were open were full of people either escaping the cold or trying to spend money.

It wasn’t pretty.

I really did try to look on the bright side. I was with my mum and dad. I had just seen George again. But still something niggles. Let’s just hope it goes away soon.

New Years Eve should also help a great deal – I will be spending it with close friends I have not seen for far too long, and the one person who has come to mean more to me than I ever imagined…