Life is an interesting beast,

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Life is an interesting beast, but at least now it is calm, and I don’t have headaches anymore. One day I promise to tell the story.

Good news is that weekend after next, I am having a long weekend up in sunny Edinburgh – for regular readers, you may realise the significance. Yes, it will be one year since myself and George became an item (check the 17th and 25th). Can you believe that it has been a year? I certainly can’t.

I am slowly coming to terms with the state of play here in the UK – I can cope with the weather now – although my time in Australia is something that I will always treasure, and still hope to resurrect, sooner rather than later.

And it was my mum’s birthday on Sunday – I bought her Hart’s War by John Katzenbach, a book so good it made me cry. Highly recommended.