edinburgh (ii)

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Being in a three-star superior hotel, we took advantage on the next day with breakfast in bed. Never done this before, and was a little unsure about the protocol? Open the door? Wait in bed? Take the trays from them? Ended up just standing by the door, looking like a lemon. I had it sorted, however, when they brought the milk that had been forgotten – I just grabbed it out of her hands and closed the door. After saying ‘thanks’, of course.

During breakfast, we exchanged our mismatched cards – hers ‘soppy’, mine ‘amusing’ – don’t you hate it when that happens?

I also gave her my sacrificial present of ‘Never Be The Same Again’ by Mel C, a song she likes, but I hate. I am too nice, sometimes!

Today was the day that we were going to explore Edinburgh, and headed in from our South Queensferry location. You have to travel on some little motorway stretches, which are bordered by ‘rocks’ that look like they have come from a disneyworld set. Just as I was talking to George about this, we turned a corner to find a fox, standing on the aforementioned rocks, in a pose that also looked just like it was staged. I am sure that it was just put there to impress the all the Welsh who were in the area, but it wasn’t there on the way back…

Edinburgh was nice – we explored Princes Street and the Castle (via an anti-social CD tour) – and walked for hours. On the way back I made an offer to buy some flowers, which was meant to be nice and romantic, but didn’t really come out that way (they were only a pound!). A bit of work to do on that front, I fear.

Managed to book a restaurant in town for our evening meal, but got stuck in the part that looked just like a workers caff’, so our romantic anniversary meal didn’t quite turn out like I planned. As you can tell, the day was going about as well as it could be! After a mini pub-crawl we tried to find somewhere to go dancing, but by the time we had parked up, we were both so cold and tired that we decided to go back to the hotel without venturing further…