edinburgh iv

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Had to be up relatively early for our journey back down to Chesterfield, so we force ourselves to have breakfast in restaurant – and are amazed by picturesque view (glad we missed out on more of that, then!), and in best Mrs. Naylor tradition, steal lots of food for the journey.

After all my nerves about booking the hotel over the ‘net, the check-out went remarkably smoothly and we decide to travel the ‘long’ way back, and are impressed again, this time by the scenery on offer. This did, however, lead to lots of ‘this looks just like Australia, NZ, California, etc’ comments.

Lunch was Cheese toasties in a small village (just south of Creswell, Sally!). Scary people.

Only two exciting parts of the journey back were my circling of the service station (hey, I didn’t know what I was doing!), and George’s rally driving in an attempt to avoid being squashed by lorries. We were only just successful, and had a big (and terrible sounding) sing-along. Popstars vacancy, anyone?

So we made it back to Chesterfield, remarkably ‘together’, with only my three hour train journey back home (in the world’s hottest train carriage) – which gave me a chance to read all the papers I had pinched from the hotel. Then sleep, glorious sleep…