…and then things turn to poo

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Well, we were this close to moving on Saturday. This close. One of the party now has decided that they cannot afford to move, and have the lifestyle that they want. Which is fair enough (if probably wrong).

It was just so late.

And that is what hurts the most.

and yes, we are unloved

The site hasn’t been updated for a while. There has been so much going on, with close people losing even closer people, househunting dramas – the ups and the downs, and loads of work to do at work has left me with little energy. Can’t promise that things will change, especially after the trauma of the weekend, but at least you know I am still alive.

I can cope with the downs now, as well as the ups.

chick flick

One good thing about the weekend was seeing the new Bridget Jones film – and one of my favourite quotes from the film seems very applicable at the moment: ‘we all know that diaries are full of crap’.