online publishing systems, sometimes, suck…

1 minute read

Like, when you have just written a really long entry, hit the ‘post’ button and it politely informs you that your session has timed out. Losing all you had written. Blagh.

Anyway, the basic jist(?) of the post was that I am now over the house-moving tiredness. I have moved into the ‘living-with-two-women’ tiredness, but believe me when I say that this is much more fun… I have really settled into the new place now, am used to the commuting and am only slightly annoyed now by the noisy buses that drive up and down the road outside our bedroom window. Now I only have the housewarming party to get through sanely.

And, this week hopefully, I take delivery of my new ibook so that I can do this stuff from home, and hopefully the updates will come flowing freely once again.