i promised

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Wimbledon was fantastic. Without tickets you have to queue for the tickets that are available on the day, which meant that George and I started the day at the ungodly hour of 5:30 in the morning. At the back of the queue for 7ish, we got into the grounds by 10:30 – three hours that passed surprisingly quickly, probably thanks to the free binoculars I got from the Daily Telegraph. Saw Greg Rusedski win, quickly, saw some other randoms then queued two hours for the resale tickets from Centre and Court One. It was worth the wait though, as we got to see Pete Sampras and Barry Cowan fight it out over five sets – games with underdogs, especially ones who make a fight of it, are what make tennis great. Bugger this fast-serving malarkey.

So, if you like tennis, and you like queuing, Wimbledon’s would be your bag, baby…