busy little bee

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Well, it would seem that having a computer at home doesn’t actually make me post to the site anymore often, but then again it could be that I am just so flippin’ busy. I will go with the second option.

Well, last weekend was my first experience of a wedding for someone my age. Thankfully, it was a lovely day – the setting and the bride were stunning, and the ceremony (in a large country house in Derbyshire, Hassop Hall) mercifully short. In a worring development, the ceremony was a very emotional one (must be my hormones), and when I told my mum that it had made me a little teary she was amusingly worried about me!

The whole day seemed to be about food though – a wedding breakfast (of a roast chicken dinner), followed by a huge buffet meal in the evening meant that I put on, ooh at least a quarter of a pound, which disappeared the next day…

Then, on tuesday I had my first overseas work trip – a day out in Dublin! The excitement soon wore off at 4:45 in the morning when I had to get up for the ten-past-five train to Gatwick, but the day itself was great. I didn’t get to see much (actually, any) of Dublin, but did see my first mad Irishman at the baggage carousel who seemed to follow me through to the taxi rank, swearing randomly at other people in the arrivals hall for stealing his, plainly visible, umbrella. I guess you had to be there.

Now, if only I can persuade them to send me there for a fortnight…