james, your Celebrity Look is the Casual Look

1 minute read

Forget fussy routines and beauty salons, you’re all about the Casual Look. For you, a freewheeling, low-maintenance lifestyle is a simple virtue. Your sporty look comes complete with natural, feminine charm and a cute, sun-kissed glow that speaks volumes about your healthy approach to life. For you, looking good is never a chore, it just comes naturally. Your spontaneous side is always open to new adventures, so your look is always good to go. Something fun, like worn jeans and a sexy cotton tank top, is just your speed. For makeup, it’s nothing too fancy?maybe some sheer gloss and light mascara to give you that last-minute pulled-together look. And like all those famously casual girls next door, Meg Ryan, Renee Zellweger, and Sandra Bullock, your relaxed look is sure to turn a few heads wherever you go.

From emode.com