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A busy weekend, a slow first half of the week, and now it’s Thursday night. Time flies when … well, time just flies, these days.

I had a fantastic Friday night with Jonathan, Sarah, Matt and Katie – the former pair beating the evening rush hour to make it to Clapham Junction, the latter coming down after work to make it a nice six-some. A few drinks, a few embarrasing stories and a lovely meal at the Banana Leaf Canteen later, we had well and truly ‘caught up’. Probably a bit too much.

After the meal, George had an invite to the birthday party of someone who used to work with her, it was nearby, so Matt and Katie came along too. We had to leave early the next morning for our weekend away, so she promised not to drink much. Unfortunately, I hadn’t taken the ‘Carly effect’ into account, and many shots later, we stumbled out of the bar and into a cab. We all had a good time at the party though, which kind of made up for the next morning, I guess…

Saturday, we had an early train to catch to Bath, to spend the weekend with my relatives – Nicola, my cousin, is going off to Australia in a few weeks, which meant I got to spend the whole weekend talking about my time away to someone that was actually interested. Which always makes a nice change.

Bath was lovely, although we were a bit scared by the amount of christmas displays that were out. It wasn’t even November…

And today, I found about my job application.

Job application? What job application?

Yep, they advertised an internal transfer opportunity a couple of weeks ago, so I jumped at the chance to become a trainee web developer. Today I found out that I didn’t get it, which is a little disappointing – but every cloud has a silver lining, and I will let you know what it is, as soon as I know what it is…