the weekend

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(a temporary interlude)

This weekend saw the disappearance of two of my good uni friends, two who are married (in no small part thanks to me, I like to think!) and two who are going back to live in Canada after a relatively brief one-year stint back in the country.

It was good to have you here, Mo and Duncan, but it will be good to have you somewhere I can have a cheap holiday!

To celebrate their leaving (and Mo’s birthday) we met up in London town for some drinks and something to eat. The lucky blighters were staying at the Groucho Club (old-style gentlemen’s club, frequented by the rich and the famous) in Soho, so that’s where we met for drinks. I wanted to see someone famous, and loudly proclaimed so, in the bar, only to find Suggs behind me (of Madness fame). Or should I say ‘to find only Suggs behind me’…?