9495 days

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Now, 26 might not seem like a such a landmark birthday, so 9495 (I am guessing, taking into account leap years) sounds a bit more impressive. And what did I get for this magical birthday? A gorgeous new watch, a scooter (!), the soundtrack to The Royal Tenenbaums, some cash, a nice toy from the gadget shop, a book and a guide to abusing people via text messages.

Not a bad haul for a 26 year old with no mates..!


Were nicely spread over a number of days. First off was present opening in the morning, followed by a lovely Chinese meal with workmates in the evening – not even marred by the fact that we had to ‘babysit’ my boss’s kids throughout the meal. Although I should have asked for danger money…

The next day was spent preparing for the big night out – School Disco. Jonathan and Sally came from far ‘up north’, and a whole bunch of mates from around London came around to the new flat before we headed down to Hammersmith. And let’s just say that the whole event lived up to my expectations, I got a little drunk, but wasn’t sick. All in all a perfect night!

And the best quote of the weekend?

“I was lying on the bathroom floor, ants crawling over me, and I just couldn’t get up!” [Mr Jonathan Houdmont, the next morning].


the scooter

is great, and would be a fantastic time-saver for getting down to the train station when I am late for work. But. But. It’s a scooter. And, as reticent as I am about giving into peer pressure, the looks from passers-by as I have whizzed passed them on my trial runs have been enough to put me off for life.

Looks like it will be used for recreational purposes only then!