time to write

1 minute read

It’s Easter Sunday. We have just returned from Brighton. The Queen Mother has died.

Lot’s happening and, thankfully, two days of peace when I can write, and maybe catch up on the backlog from the past few months. Let’s face it, I haven’t bee too prolific, have I?

[As an aside, why do i do this? I think I should try and answer this to give me some focus, some reason for writing. It’s certainly not for popularity – not many people actually read this; it’s not for fun – otherwise I would be writing much more often; it’s not to ‘reveal’ myself to the world – stuff happens that I don’t feel comfortable writing about. I think, essentially, this site exists to assuage my guilty conscience at being crap at keeping in touch with people, people that I should keep in touch with, people that I want to keep in touch with. But I am kind of lazy, so this site exists as a ‘diary’, albeit a pretty-damned public one, for people to tap into when they have those ‘I wonder what James is doing’ moments; and also for me – my memory is terrible, and this is a great way of recording what happens to me, on a regular basis, that I would otherwise forget. Those archives contain some great stories and some great memories that will live on for a while longer than my memory can hold them…

So, a new resolution, update twice-a-week, with more depth than recently, wednesday and sunday, with ‘have a look at this I found on the internet’ updates in between, whenever. Focus, focus, focus…]

So, tonight, I start!