the jooblee

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Well, queenie has been ‘on the job’ for fifty years now, and so it was time for a big party. On monday we headed down to Green Park in the evening, taking a large picnic (cucumber sandwiches, of course) which we polished off before the pop concert that was being held in the gardens of Buckingham Palace. In all the royal parks big screens had been put up to relay the music and, once we had moved so that we could actually hear what was going on, we had a great night. The atmosphere was great, and not even a Cliff Richard appearance could ruin anything!

We also managed to get right underneath the fireworks, which were very impressive, so close in fact, that we got showered by the ‘debris’, which was as nervewracking as being rained on by flaming cardboard should be…

Walking back from Green Park to Victoria, we skirted around the Palace (which looked spectacular, lit up in blue) and looking back down the Mall was enough to inspire just a little bit of the old patriotism hidden away in my head.