but, in even bigger news

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as it mentions below, I have closed my eyes and (along with George) taken the giant leap into the property market!

Marking the end of an era, living with Gemma and Dave, we have decided that rather than wasting our money paying off someone else’s mortgage, we would waste it paying off our own – so we are now the proud owners of a small one-bedroomed ground floor flat (/maisonette/apartment/).

We both took two weeks off, initally to spend a week doing the place up (it needed gutting and redoing), and then take a weeks holiday in the sun, but as time passed we realised how much stress that would have put us through… So we had two weeks to do the place up, move in and hopefully not kill each other!

And, today, a week to the day after moving in, I am still alive…

I managed to get my Dad up to fit the new kitchen for us (which looks fantastic) on the first weekend, and he bequeathed one of his power drills to me. I feel like a true man! Seriously though, it has opened up a whole new world of gadgets to me, and I am drilling holes in every available wall space – just because I can! Wood flooring down (by me, can you believe it!), and painting done with the help of Stewart, Ai and Jonathan has really finished it off nicely.

I am settling!