And another new toy…

1 minute read

This time, a digital camcorder – the NVGS15b from Panasonic.

I have never owned a camcorder before, but thought with two weddings, a stag do and the chance to actually have a use for a video camera, it was time to take the plunge. What really did it was seeing some home movies from a good few years ago, and thinking it would be nice to record life now, even if only to see it in ten, fifteen years time and say – wow, did i really wear that…?

The camera itself is nice – tiny and light – and records on one hour mini-DV tapes. The battery only lasts for an hour, so might investigate the higher capacity ones that are available. It only takes an hour to recharge though, so it isn’t all bad.

The only things is that now I have to learn how to use iMovie and iDVD, and each tape takes up about 12GB of disk space after i have imported it…

Still, Steven Spielberg, watch yo’ back!