Genius Bar

1 minute read

me at the applestore, london

Genius in the queue more like.

Yes, I was one of the people you can see in the news at the opening of the new Apple Store on Regent St. in London. Not quite keen enough to get there and camp overnight (far too cold for that), i did get up crazily early to get in the queue by 7:00 – by which time it was over 500 people long.

So, no chance of a lucky bag then.

But still, a good deed was done in the queue. A young lady just behind us didn’t look the typical mac geek, and after getting chatting it turns out she was only here because her laptop had keeled over, with all her work on it, with dissertation due on tuesday and nobody would be able to see it for two weeks.

Her last chance was to take it to the genius bar.

Unable to resist the challenge, Adam and I got the laptop, Target Disk moded it to my laptop (brought for potential queue-based entertainment), backed up the work then burnt it to CD. So, we didn’t quite fix it, but did save the bacon.

I can’t wait for the cyclic karma on that one…