A Rocking iTunes plug-in…

1 minute read

Optical Alchemy. Bringing vision to music.

Now, this plain rocks.

An iTunes plug-in that turns the visualiser from the ‘random-lines and pretty-patterns’ effect (which is undeniably cool to watch) into a spinning display of your cd cover art, with info on the song playing.

Now, I like ‘random-lines and pretty-patterns’ as much as the next man, but there is something about this plug-in which takes things in a totally different direction. I got to know about the plug-in when reading about all the peeps trying to turn the mac mini into a home media box (something I am keeping my watchful eye on), and somebody said how great this plug-in would look as part of the interface for listening to your music through afore-mentioned home media centre. In the meantime, it even works well on my creaking G3 iMac 600.

And boy, wouldn’t it look great on a nice big t.v., sat in the corner of my living room.

Jewelcase, I bow down to thee…