Stevie Wonder sang a song, just for me…

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… and that song?

“Happy Birthday”

Yep, two days ago I celebrated the succesful womb-exit-manoeuvre of 29 years ago.

And nice it was too. Theatre (The Producers) from George, along with two tickets to Rome for a week in May, which will be lovely.

A Bop It Extreme II from Gemma and Paul (very addictive). A glass teapot, and mugs, from Matt & Katie (if you have to ask, you won’t get the answer!); and a bunch of other things made for a nice haul.

Early celebration at Matt & Katie’s on Saturday night too, where they had turned their now-vacated living room into a kids party – orange squash, mini pizzas, party bags, the works! Well worth the effort, and very enjoyable!