a celebrity sandwich

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maxwell and saskia sandwich

Now, you may mock, but living in the london hotspot of Tooting has its advantages. Such as the dog track at Wimbledon stadium, which today was the host of the Real McCoy’s ‘Fastest Dog in Britain’ competition (co-promoted with The Sun).

This description may give rise to thoughts of Dogs in Goggles, surrounded by high-tech machinery on top of large jet engines, but the reality was a little more mundane – if a lot more realistic. Dogs, pet ones, racing down a 100m track over a set of heats to determine which dog would take the £1000 prize, the title of ‘Britains Fastest Dog’ and a year’s supply of crisps.

Which, for a dog, is a veritable bounty.

Being domestic pet dogs, each entrant was given a rousing chorus of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’, and the races themselves were entertaining affairs, even if you didn’t really have a favourite. But the highlight was the chance to meet August’s Posh & Becks, Saskia and Maxwell, and have my photo taken with them. But, rather than being suave and amusing, I turned all nervous and mentioned something about them now being in the esteemed company of Rolf Harris (see the last photo), something I am sure that they will be surely proud of…