Mr & Mrs Tony Payne

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Helen & Tony’s Wedding

The other weekend (OK, so I am a little behind), George and I were invited to help celebrate the marriage of one of her oldest schoolfriends, Helen. Tony is a pilot and Helen works for BA, so we were surrounded by air stewards, which meant that the supply of alcohol miniatures was plentiful (although they had paid for them, I was told).

The ceremony itself was in a church in Windsor, and being under the flightpath meant that the nuptuals were carried out with the appropriate background sound of landing jet engines, which I thought was great, even if it wasn’t intended…

Being an October wedding, it was a little cloudy, but the sun broke through for the photo session, and then it was all followed by lots of eating, drinking and making merry. And yes, one of the photos shows the best man in stocking and suspenders. Let’s just say it was a bet, and it was a great speech too!

Interestingly, although George and Helen have been friends for years, I met Helen in a ‘this is a small world’ kind of way before I had even met George. On a boat, the Matador, sailing around the Whitsunday Islands in Australia me and my little group of travelling buddies (Lynne and Nicole at that time) were joined by Helen and her brother. I though nothing more of it until, when looking through my photos, George noticed Helen and asked how I knew her best friend from school. And then, over six years later, I am there as she gets married.

It is a funny old world.