links for 2005-11-29

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[Backpack and GTD – What’s the next action](


how to use backpack effectively


(tags: [gtd]( [backpack]( [howto]( [productivity]( [web](
[Hacking 101](


much as it says – baby steps to becoming a unix guru


(tags: [tutorials]( [unix]( [shell]( [terminal](
[A Tedious Explanation of the f/stop](


for when i get my slr???


(tags: [photography]( [howto]( [reference]( [fstop](
[A Glossary of Common Terms Associated with Digital Photography](


(tags: [photography]( [howto]( [reference](
[ – 9029 Adobe Photoshop Tutorials](


(tags: [photoshop]( [tutorials](
[Configuring Your OS X Unix Environment](


some useful tips on how to configure, e.g., your PATH


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