links for 2005-12-14

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open source editor for creating launchd items


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[macosxhints – 10.4: Use a graphical GUI to create launchd tasks](


info about using previously mentioned lingon


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[Bike Rack](


how to make a bike rack out of pvc tubing for $5!


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[minivmac \[\]](


running old mac os in a virtual window, and from a usb keychain if that floats your boat


(tags: [mac]( [software]( [emulator]( [tutorial](
[Where in the UK can i get a picture i supply printed into a large (1m x 1m) block canvas? | Ask MetaFilter](


advice on canvas stretch frame printing


(tags: [photography]( [canvas](
[yakforFREE – FREE Voice and Video Calling](


(tags: [free]( [software]( [videophone]( [mac](
[ Managing MySQL on Mac OS X](


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[RightFields | Plugins for Movable Type |](


(tags: [database]( [tools]( [plugin]( [moveabletype](
[Making it easy for Macs in a Windows network](


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