another year, another christmas party

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with work. Who would have thought that I would have done five of these at the same place when I started work all that time ago. Still, musn’t grumble! This christmas we even managed to escape Sutton, as the party was organised to be a floating one, on the Miyuki Maru going up and down the Thames.

Starting at London Bridge, we headed west to the Palace of Westminster, then back east all the way to the Thames Flood Barrier (which I have visited before, of course). The party was your typical work event – lots of drink to numb the company (obviously, a joke…), followed by intense amounts of gossip and bitching (obviously, great fun…) but the absolute best part of the day was one that couldn’t be scripted – the weather.

Yes, a cold December day, but gorgeously fresh, crisp and clear, which meant that we got some magnificent light in which to shoot hundreds of photos. So, instead of boring you with picture of my workmates (they will come later, when I grab everyone elses photos!), here are some of the nicer snaps of the day…

Big Ben

St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Millennium Bridge

One side of Tower Bridge

The Dome, reflected.

A riverside sculpture.

The Dome, on the return.