links for 2006-01-06

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[Digital SLR cameras: Canon Digital Rebel and Nikon D70s](


great review of starting an slr system


(tags: [digital]( [camera]( [slr]( [shopping]( [tips](
[The Best Digital Cameras](


first part of the review, focusing on cameras up to slr range


(tags: [digital]( [camera]( [slr]( [shopping]( [tips](
[Colorize part of a black and white photo](


a really good ‘how to’


(tags: [photoshop]( [tips]( [b&w]( [photography](
[Need SQL lessons | Ask MetaFilter](


useful roundup of tips for learing sql


(tags: [sql]( [unix]( [tips]( [training](
[Billions and billions of rows | MetaFilter](


tool for learning sql syntax


(tags: [sql]( [tutorial](
[SQL for Web Nerds](


another intro to sql programming


(tags: [howto]( [sql]( [reference](
[ – Tutorials](


using the galaxy for learning sql


(tags: [osx]( [sql]( [unix]( [programming]( [tutorials](
[Lightbox JS](


great tool for showing photos on a website


(tags: [css]( [design]( [javascript]( [photos]( [webdesign](
[Guardian Unlimited Travel | Countries | The principled pilgrim](,7451,1678589,00.html)


interesting sounding trip ‘discovering’ turkey – nice holiday idea?


(tags: [holiday]( [turkey](