links for 2006-02-10

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[How to fold a fitted sheet](


one for george and i…!


(tags: [lifehacks]( [howto]( [household]( [tips](
[World Press Photo Awards 2005 | MetaFilter](


good commentary and linked photos


(tags: [photoshop](
[macosxhints – Install free tools to possibly recover media card files](


could come in useful one day!


(tags: [datarecovery]( [usb](
[Virtual Private Networking (VPN)](


hosts latest cisco client


(tags: [mac]( [osx]( [software]( [vpn]( [cisco](
[RailPlanner – Overview](


this journey planner is hundreds of times better than – and quicker too!


(tags: [london]( [travel]( [trains](