links for 2006-02-28

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[ » Brandmark Tutorial](


how to add a branding tattoo to skin in photoshop


(tags: [photoshop]( [tutorial](
[Fake model photography](


how to manipulate photos in photoshop to make them look like teeny models!


(tags: [photoshop]( [tutorials](
[Mac Geekery – How To Find Hidden Defaults Commands](


how to use the strings command to find hidden prefs for files


(tags: [osx]( [sysadmin]( [unix](
[One Bag (all about packing, luggage, and travelling light)](


how to pack well for travelling


(tags: [holiday]( [howto]( [travel]( [packing](
[ HOWTO Subjugate Cisco’s VPN Client](


handy guide, including some example usage on port forwarding and transparent ssh’ness


(tags: [ssh]( [vpn]( [osx]( [sysadmin]( [unix]( [portforwarding](
[Using Ruby on Rails for Web Development on Mac OS X](


(tags: [programming]( [ruby]( [osx](