links for 2006-05-02

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[BBC on | MetaFilter](


mainly for the example of nested smart playlists to make a personal radio station in itunes


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[Geek Feed: How to convert videos to iPod format for free (avi, mpeg, divx to ipod conversion)](


for my poor, windows-using friends


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[TvTorrents.COM -](


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[Style-Force Semplice™ Pixelfonts](


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[Photodoto » Blog Archive » Learning composition: getting in close and filling the frame](


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[Jason Hawkes](


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[Macworld: Mac Gems: ‘Tweaking’ utilities roundup](


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[Photodoto » Blog Archive » Clearing up depth of field](


where James finally starts to understand what some things on his camera do to his pictures…


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[Travel Photographer of the Year – Leisure Breaks & Weekend Courses, Broadway, Cotswolds, Worcestershire](


some interesting courses to consider


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