stuff’s been a’happenin…

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Cor, it’s been quiet, hasn’t it? To be honest, you can mainly blame it on the Nintendo DS – which has become strangely addictive, especially when playing Advance Wars: Dual Strike on it (which just happens to be the greatest game in the world!). I have even found myself playing it on the tube on the way to work.

It beats reading Metro, at least.

My cousin Ben’s reception was recently on in Bath – which was a nice family affair (and then one of the guests stripped on the dancefloor). There are some photos up on skinnyphoto for you to peek at.

What else? The Photography course and the new fireplace deserve their own posts, so that will come soon – I find it’s always good to keep people on tenterhooks, which I am sure you are now…

Ooh, by the way, if anyone does fancy getting an NDS, here are the 30 hottest DS titles between now and Christmas DS. I can feel my christmas lists expanding as we speak!