Gemma (almost) Turns 30 - By Beating Donkeys

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My, what a lovely and lively weekend to help celebrate Gemma’s impending 30th birthday. We spent a long weekend in a barn in Hockwold cum Wilton, in Norfolk, with nothing but food, drink, board games and a fair number of ipods. There were a number of highlights, including Paul’s entertaining dancing on the first night and a disastrous game of Risk on the second where I squandered a chance of winning by trying to take Asia. Should have learnt from Napoleon. And Hitler.

We also had an active Saturday afternoon at the Go Ape centre at Thetford forest, climbing trees, throwing ourselves into Tarzan nets and zooming down zip lines. My graceful way of ending the course each time was to get dragged on my back through bark which ended up in my pants. But such is life.

So, a top weekend, one from which I am still neither recovered or unpacked. And I still can’t get rid of the bark…