A week in Christchurch

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So, where did I leave off? Oh yeah, being stabbed in the heart by an embroidery needle. Thankfully, my fears of an absolutely ridiculous death came to nothing – “young up-and-comer stabbed to death by homicidal mother in embroidery needle rage at 35,000 feet” would not be my choice of headstone engraving.

After being taken to George’s sister place by the Bond elders I had my first encounter with ’the dog’. Most people know of my intense disinterest in four-legged teeth-baring domestic animals, and most of them seem to instinctively know it too. It only took a few hours of being sniffed, licked and mouthed before my back-turning-and-flailing-like-a-big-girl strategy started to equalise the playing field (we can now just about share a room).

The kids were much more pleasureable, with both Ellie and Archie seemingly pleased to see their Auntie Genie, especially when the presents appeared from the bags…

We have had a lovely tour of most of Christchurch’s parks and beaches, up to the Quarry, over to Spencer Park and down around the Banks Peninsula to Lyttleton over the past few days. It has been quite surprising how lovely the scenery is around here – I am not sure what my expectations were, but they have been blown away. We even did a couple of self-guided walks around Christchurch town centre, but they were rubbish.

Other than general family stuff (swimming lessons, popping around to friends’ houses to pick up children) the other family occassion was to help George’s mum celebrate her birthday, which was done in magnificent style with lunch at the Raspberry Cafe, and evening party cakes followed by a session of Playstation SingStar. Hilarious at the best of times, this evening it turned out to be spectacular as everyone took turns embarrassing themselves. Mr Bond on the mic has to be seen (and heard) to be believed!

A weekend visit to Hanmer Springs was also fantastic, lovely weather and naturally hot spring pools to help wind down and relax. Even ’the shorts’ made an appearance – they have now been out a few times!

Unfortunately, this is being posted between an overnight trip to whale watch at Kaikoura (which was amazing) and another overnight trip out to Akaroa to sleep under the stars (which will hopefully be stunning), so pictures will come along a bit later.

Kia ora!