The last of New Zealand

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As I am being forced to take a break from my newly purchased Wii, I thought it would be good to finish up the travelogue and photos from our New Zealand trip.

It seems so long ago now, but this is a nice way of bringing the memories back…!

After our week away, we got back in time to help Ellie celebrate her birthday a little early with a pool party and lots of cakes and sweets back at the house. Ellie had lots of friends round, and there was an almost constant background of the High School Musical. The night before we had also been to Hagley Park for an outdoor concert, so by the end of the day I think everyone was in need of a nice quiet night. I was, anyway.

On Monday, George and I had a day to ourselves, and we enjoyed it by spending time in the many bays of the Lyttleton Peninsula – breakfast by the beach, sunbathing and swimming to cool off from the excessive heat, and generally feeling like we were in heaven. It was times like that when I could really appreciate living by the sea again. Not being at work helped too! Tuesday, our last full day in New Zealand was spent again by the beach but this time with Zoe, Ellie and Archie at New Brighton beach. Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, bodyboarding, making sandcastles, being buried and eating the biggest ice-creams in the world. The shorts made an appearance and we used up the remaining bits of suncream while trying to get the last bit of sun before heading back to the UK. Then, after a tearful farewell, we headed off to Singapore.

Which was crazy hot.

But still, we managed to spend a couple of days without visiting the ridiculous amounts of shops, and did have one day completely by the hotel pool, so it wasn’t all bad. We also got to meet up with Jim, Bob and their two kids, Jim being a friend of George’s from Uni, which was also lovely. Jim’s daughter Georgina met the bigger Georgina, and my long-feared implosion of the universe never happened…

Then another long flight home, and a picture perfect landing over a twilight lit London and we were home. Oh yeah, apart from the two hour taxi ride because of traffic jams. I hate this country!

Last lot of NZ photos here.