Happy New 2008

1 minute read

While the ‘review of 2007’ post sits in draft, I thought it worth posting a quick message to wish everyone a happy new year!

I am taking the new year to start tweaking the site and publishing more, more often - you can now see what I am up to (via Twitter, which also feeds facebook if you follow me on there), but more excitingly a photo from my ‘almost daily’ homepage at jamesnaylor.com

Yep, that’s it, over there on the right-hand side.

Hopefully this kind of integration will make me want to put more stuff up. So, if you see something you like, holla!

[IMG_6468](http://skinnyjimmy.com/skinnyphoto/NYE 2007) There are also some photos of our almost comically disastrous new years eve on the banks of the Thames, just click the image to the left of this paragraph, or the skinnyphotos link at the top of this page to have a gander…